Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Teaser Image


(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Look at that little Groot on Drax’s shoulder!

It has also been confirmed that Kurt Russell will be in the the movie along with Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki, and Chris Sullivan.



Avengers: Age of Ultron – Review


Age of Ultron, man what a film! I went in with a slight apprehension after the mixed reviews started coming out but thankfully Marvel, Joss Whedon and Co. have done it again!

I would go as far as to say it is actually the most comic book like film Marvel Studios had come out with to date. Rather than trying to re-hash the first film Joss Whedon instead has opted to borrow the current Marvel Comics structure of having all the characters doing their own thing in their solo series (i.e. the other Phase 2 movies) then having a big event that brings everyone together for big action, grand ideas and shake ups of status quo. Age of Ultron is that event and it rocks!

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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Trailer 3!

Another awesome trailer for Age of Ultron has been released and unlike the last one there is lots of new stuff in this one!

There is lots of action, explosions and foreshadowing of all the amazing things to come. Also not so subtle hints for the impending Captain America: Civil War setup. But there is also some interesting shots of things like Tony Stark grabbing Loki’s sceptre from Avengers, Bruce Banner and Black Widow getting all steamy with each other and really cool group shots like this one,

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Marvel’s Daredevil Teaser!

When it comes to Daredevil I have a general indifference to the character. I only really like the widely known classics and key arcs. He is probably one of the Marvel characters I have read the least of. Still I have always liked the concept of the character and the general approach of the book. Sadly it has never really taken me in like Marvel’s other series.

Still this trailer for Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe set Daredevil series has me exited for a few reasons:

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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Tailer #2!

Well Marvel Studios certainly like to keep us on the edge of our seats! Last week they gave us the first Ant-Man Trailer, now comes the second trailer for Age of Ultron!

While it covers much of the same ground as the first trailer. We do see a couple of new bits and pieces. Extensions to scenes we have seen already, oh and everything is bleak. Very, very, very bleak for the Avengers. It looks like they are indeed going for the darker second act with the Avengers films and I’m sort of ok with that. There will still be room for quips and the odd gag here or there but otherwise this looks like things are going to get bad, fast for our heroes. (After the Iron Man Vs Hulk fight that will open the movie of course!) I always enjoy characters getting put through hell before emerging victorious and it looks like this film will deliver on that in spades.

Also what are the current odds on people saying Age of Ultron will be Marvel’s “Empire” due to all the bleakness?

Why the Next Five Years of Superhero Movies is Awesome!

CA_Supermovies_10-28-2014-2(Image Source)

I look at this infographic from the guys at Comics Alliance and it brings a smile to my face. This image represents basically my next five years worth of cinema trips (not including Star Wars and the non-geeky movies I see from time to time). I look at this image and I reminisce about the past. To a time were I couldn’t even imagine Superhero movies being the driving force in popular culture that have ushered in a new golden age of geekdom and nerdiness that has taken over the world.

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Marvel’s Phase 1 & 2 – A Look Back

This video is basically 5 minutes of Marvel saying, “Hey look at how awesome we are at making Comic Book Movies!” But it is five very good minutes of Marvel showing how much they have achieved with their films over the past six years and that they are only just getting started.

Fair warning though at the end there is a mild spoiler for something that happens in Guardians of the Galaxy so if you haven’t watched it yet (and why haven’t you watched Guardians yet?!) stay clear until you do.

New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

If you are a frequent visitor to this site you will see that I am very excited for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie from Marvel Studios. (Some might say overly excited but they can flark off!) Not only is Guardians yet another comic book I love being given the big screen treatment but it is also a turning point for the grand experiment that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps Marvel’s biggest gamble since the original plan to use a few movies to build to the Avengers (aka. The Best Film Ever Made) Guardians is based on a set of characters that not many people know of. Even for those that do know of them, even less of them have read the source material.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Character Profiles and Poster!



Not content to let us all recover from the first trailer Marvel have released the first poster for Guardians of the Galaxy along with a bunch of very quick character profiles.

The poster emphasises Marvel’s past successes as a way to garner interest and the character profiles intercut footage from the trailer with behind the scenes clips and interviews. It is all fairly standard but helps give a taste for those not versed in who this ragtag group of heroes are.

Most importantly though is that we get to see a snippet of Bradley Cooper giving his voice to Rocket Raccoon. One thing we do not get however is Vin Diesel saying, “I am Groot” which makes me sad…

Check out the videos below:

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Superbowl Trailer Round Up



Yesterday over the pond in America they had their yearly celebration of all things ‘Merica. I believe it is something to do with a rugby ball, some very alternative rules for football, people eating a lot of food and shouting at their TVs. It also means we get new trailers for the year’s biggest movies because nothing says sports like trailers for movies where you will sit on your bum for two to three hours!

So first up we have The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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