Dark Nights: Metal – The Best Bits

If I am really enjoying a comic book storyline or event when the last issue comes out I like to gather together the series up to that point and a few key tie-ins. Then read it through it all again before consuming the final chapter. This does a couple of things for me the main one being that it really hypes up that final issue, the other that it allows me to look at the finer details and notice things I missed during my first reading.

So here are my favourite moments (in some sort of order) from across Dark Nights: Metal #1-6, Batman: Lost, Hawkman: Found and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt:

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DC Rebirth First Info!

(Video Source: CBR)

“I love this world… but there’s something missing.”

That is the line that will be kicking off DC’s upcoming Rebirth event and initiative. In the above video Geoff Johns breaks down the general idea behind Rebirth. It looks like it is going to be a continuation of the New 52 but reincorporating the classic and iconic elements from the legacy of the older DC Universe. Pretty much what he did with Green Lantern and Flash Rebirth. However this is a line wide initiative that Johns is overseeing. Which is an interesting move.

At the centre of it all is a doubling down on DC’s most bankable properties. (Yay!) At the cost of loosing some of the more interesting side books and character. (Boo!) Lowering the price of all the books back down to $2.99. (Holding the Line once again!), Signing new teams onto books and gaining some new exclusive creator contracts. (Yay!) Taking Action Comics and Detective Comics back to their original numbering. (Yay!…I guess…) Then finally, shifting a large portion of their series into a biweekly release schedule. (Yay! but my bank account says nay!)

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DC Comics 2015 Mini Relaunch

DC 2015 1

Today DC being big fans of relaunches and line wide changes, announced that from this June they will be doing a mini-relaunch of sorts after the Convergence event finishes. It is a smart move and shows that DC are continuing to grow and foster diversity in their line of books post Flashpoint. While The New 52 was all about having a fresh start this mini-relaunch is all about letting creators do what they want with the characters.

According to Dan DiDio, continuity is now very much a low priority which is great! It will be there for the books that want and need it but for the more out there and unique titles it will not be a concern. I love continuity and it can be used to tell amazing stories but it is just not a necessity for every book featuring a DC character. Also this new approach makes it easy to position certain books as being new reader friendly.

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Justice League: A New Beginning – Review


Justice League: A New Beginning (Keith Giffen & J.M. Dematteis and Kevin Maguire)

I have a lot of love for the characters of the Justice League International despite never really having read the series that made them famous. I came to Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Mr Miracle et al well after JLI ran its course and by way of books like Infinite Crisis and 52 along with cartoons like Justice League Unlimited. I have never touched any of the older JLI stuff while absolutely adoring the modern takes on the team and characters in books such as Justice League: Generation Lost and the New 52 Justice League International. I planned to change that and where else can you start apart from the beginning?

Justice League: A New Beginning is the starting point of tonal shift for the Justice League and the humble (read: hilarious) beginnings of the JLI.

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Awesomeness of the Week

Christmas is always a light but eventful week in comic books:

2 for 1 Awesomeness of the Week!

Should hopefully be getting a couple of reviews up this week and next but in the mean time enjoy the pretty pictures!

The Story Behind Trinity War

I was going to throw up an embed/link to this video on Tuesday but life got in the way (this time it is epic car problems!). Still here it is, a look at Trinity War narrated by writer, Geoff Johns. It is a sort of trailer/story catchup. It is quite interesting really and it gives you a good look at what Geoff has been building up to with Justice League and Justice League of America the past year or so. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing how Trinity War plays out and the first issue of the crossover did not disappoint. (Hint: stuff went down and people on the internet got angry!)

So check it out and if you like the look of it pick up Justice League #22 which came out on Wednesday!

Awesomeness of the Week

As a special treat because I’m bringing it back you get two weeks for the price of one!

Awesomeness of the Week!

Awesomeness of the Week!

I will get back to doing normal posts eventually, I promise!