New Start, New Direction-ish

Sidenote: I actually had this T2 toyset as a kid! It was very messy and had limited uses so it was a great use of my parents’ money!

After enjoying the first year and a bit of fatherhood I feel I am ready to come back to the nerdy side of the blogging scene. Except rather than dividing my attentions across multiple sites all requiring a substantion time commitment and planning I am just going to focus on one.

This one.

But I am going to roll in my board games and game design stuff into this place to try and keep a steady stream of posts coming in. The other key change is that I’m going to be more lifestyle-y* about things. Writing from a more personal point of view and covering a wider range of posts than just reviews. So expect more opion pieces and hot takes on the latest goings on in the nerd and geeky sides of the internet. I also want to try and live up to the Nerd part of the blog’s name and go really indepth on the things I cover but we will see.

For now just bare with me while I try some new things out!

*This does not mean I will be baking Darlek themed cakes and modelling geek fashion because nobody wants to see a roundish man dressed as a discount Spider-Man. There are other, better, places for that. I’m just going to do me and ramble about stuff I like.


Change is here!

Ooo look this place looks different and has a new name!*

Gone is The Comic Book Reader and in its place is The Nerd Is The Word! Basically I want to expand my writing remit and as I get older and more time poor being able to write about a wider range of geeky things suits me better. So expect my usual level of dubious analysis of things but rather than just comic books the full and ever changing list now covers:

  • Video Games
  • Comic Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Tech
  • and Geeky/Nerdy thing that takes my fancy

The only thing I am keeping separate is my board games/tabletop writing which you can find here. I will mention and link to it from time to time, so you have been warned.

I’m not making any promises for regular posting (because when I do things usually grind to a halt) but I will try to keep this place active more than before!

Thanks for reading/following!


*If you read this blog on Tumblr the name hasn’t change but shhhh don’t tell the WordPress readers that!

Change is coming!

There has been an awakening in the blog. I have felt it.

Just FYI: This place has been dead for a while but I have stuff in the works, a name change and a slightly broader remit are coming that will allow me to post about the geeky things I love on a more regular basis!

For now though keep an eye on this space!

Pardon My Absence


This place has been quiet for the past couple of months due to work/life craziness getting in the way of my ramblings about comics books. Things are starting to normalise again so I am hoping to get back to updating this place on a semi-regular basis.

So bare with me and stay tuned.

Going all posh with a .com


(Image Source)

If you look in the address bar of your web browser you will see that The Comic Book Reader has changed from a humble blog to a fully fledged .com of coolness.

Despite still very much being a hobby blog that I dip in and out of the Comic Book Reader is something that I want to develop further. The site gets a steady stream of views and I thought it was about time I start taking advantage of that. Things will pretty much carry on as they are with the target of one to two posts per week but I have a few things in the pipeline that will hopefully increase traffic and make updates more regular. I will hopefully be tweaking the look and layout of the site soon to get the ball rolling.

So if you are a regular visitor to these parts make sure you update your bookmarks and such to

Also, as ever if you fancy contributing to The Comic Book Reader either as a one off post or as a semi/regular writer please check out the About and Contact pages for more info.

20,000 Page Views!

20,000 Views!(Image Source)

Yes this humble little comics blog has reached 20,000 Page Views!

So first of all thank you if you are a regular visitor to The Comic Book Reader. Also thank you if you are one of those people who comes here to grab high res images of comic pages and comic book art. (You know who you are!) Let us also not forget the many people who have ended up here buy googling the phrases, “space orgy comic”, “space orgy” and “robotic sex comics” I love your dirty minds most of all!

I started this blog on a whim while I was unemployed in the earlier half of the year because I bored. (Seriously like super bored, unemployment does things to a man!) I figured I would eventually loose interest and this place would fizzle out of existence like every other website/blog/whatever I have started. It nearly did fizzle out a couple of times but I kept getting that itch to write stuff about one of the things I love most in the world, comic books. The odd comment that is left on posts and the semi-frequent emails and private messages have also kept me coming back. So if you ever left a comment or sent me a message thank you!

Some crazy things have happened along the way to 20,000 view too, such as being linked to in an piece by Charlie Jane Anders about Man of Steel and comic book movies in general. Which is well worth reading and can be found here. The casual io9 link gave me a huge morale boost right when I needed it and with it a need to keep adding to this site as and when I can.

So 20,000 views! YAY!!!

Lets end this little post with a few stats: (Note: the stats were recorded yesterday so they are already way out of date! Such is the way with these things!)

  • The most views in one day so far has been 603 from when the io9 piece linked here.
  • The post the io9 piece linked to which is my review of Chris Claremont & Frank Miller’s classic Wolerine series has a received 1,432 views so far. (go read it here)
  • The most popular post on the site, excluding the home page, is the one about Nightwing winning the award for The Stupidest Death in a Comic Book by being killed by a rock in the pages of the Injustice Gods Among Us comic. It has a nice 2,714 views.
  • Americans, from the land of comic books, like to visit the site the most with 8,146 ‘Mericans coming my way. A number which dwarfs the next highest visitors by country the UK, land of tea and monarchies that have to answer to an elected government, with the site having a nice and respectable 2,906 visits from my fellow Brits.
  • The rest of the visits by country come from Canada (1,455 visitors) and across the length and breadth of Europe (France 503 visitors, Germany 313 visitors and many more countries). Along with a couple of fly in visits from places like Belarus, the Sudan and the Syrian Arab Republic.

So that’s it 20,000 views, a major milestone for me.

Here’s to 20,000 more!

Token “Sorry for the lack of posts” post!

Superman-CryingI hate having to does these kind of posts but sometimes they just need to be done. Mainly so those of you who check this place on a semi-regular basis don’t give up on me and think the site is dead.

So this is me apologising for not really posting anything at anywhere near a regular basis. I’ve been super busy with stuff outside of the site and my other life as a game designer and sadly that has meant all the comics rambling has taken a back seat as of late. But hope is on the horizon as I am now looking at a clear patch for the next few weeks. A patch that I will use to try and get things back on track around here and get back into the habit of writing about comics regularly again.

My aim to begin with is to do 1-2 posts a week on top of the usual Awesomeness of the Week post. I am also taking requests for stuff to read/write about so please, please, please! Tell me about your favourite comics that you would like me to have a look at!


It’s been a bit quite around these parts lately

Superfriends Wonder Woman Invisible Plane

And for that I apologise, I’ve been busy with other more my career as a game designer type stuff the past couple of weeks so the comic books stuff has fallen by the wayside a tad. Also as I keep saying this site is going through a bit of a transition as I get to grips with managing it and my other commitments. I’m trimming and squeezing things down to their base essence not just for my convenience but for your reading pleasure too.

So for now just bare with me a bit and enjoy the Awesomeness of the Week posts as and when they pop up. In a couple of weeks I will be bringing back the Picks of the Week posts in a slightly altered form. More short review snippets, less detailed analysis. It means I will be able to recommend more comics at a quicker pace while still giving some of my thoughts and opinons. But what about that detailed rambling you love so much? Well that is still going to be on here but in a more focused way. The plan is every now and then I will sit down and review a whole story-arc, series, single issue, etc. in my more detailed way. It may mean that reviews and such wont be as relevant as when the issues originally came out but it means I can sit down and really look at and think about the comic in question. Allowing me to look at the whole story rather than just a piece and all that.

I have also got a backlog of Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel and DC Classics Reviews piling up which I am planning to tackle once I get back from my latest round of travels. Which is the other reason for this post: I will be disappearing for a week or so to head to Seattle to visit 343 Industries, their the folks who make those Halo games now that Bungie are off doing their own thing again. I’m going to try and get one or two things queued up for while I am away but no promises!

Thanks for your patience and keep reading comic books!

– Callum

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

A quick post just to say that I am back home after a hectic holiday period and that means I can get back to regular posting!


First things first however because Amazing Spider-Man #700 demands to be written about so keep an eye for that!


Hi there and welcome to The Comic Book Reader!

The title is fairly self explanatory: I’m the comic book reader and I will be using this blog to talk about the comics I’m currently reading along with a few bits and bobs of opinion and industry news that interests me.

So feel free to get involved and tell me how wrong my opinions on comics are in the comments for each post as and when they pop up.