Catwoman’s New Costume Design


After her wedding to Bruce Wayne later this summer DC Comics are launching a brand new Selina Kyle staring Catwoman solo title written and drawn by Joëlle Jones. This naturally means we get a nice new re-design of Catwoman’s costume to fit in with her new status-quo.

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New Rogue One Trailer

If I wasn’t excited before, I am now!

DC Rebirth First Info!

(Video Source: CBR)

“I love this world… but there’s something missing.”

That is the line that will be kicking off DC’s upcoming Rebirth event and initiative. In the above video Geoff Johns breaks down the general idea behind Rebirth. It looks like it is going to be a continuation of the New 52 but reincorporating the classic and iconic elements from the legacy of the older DC Universe. Pretty much what he did with Green Lantern and Flash Rebirth. However this is a line wide initiative that Johns is overseeing. Which is an interesting move.

At the centre of it all is a doubling down on DC’s most bankable properties. (Yay!) At the cost of loosing some of the more interesting side books and character. (Boo!) Lowering the price of all the books back down to $2.99. (Holding the Line once again!), Signing new teams onto books and gaining some new exclusive creator contracts. (Yay!) Taking Action Comics and Detective Comics back to their original numbering. (Yay!…I guess…) Then finally, shifting a large portion of their series into a biweekly release schedule. (Yay! but my bank account says nay!)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Teaser Image


(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Look at that little Groot on Drax’s shoulder!

It has also been confirmed that Kurt Russell will be in the the movie along with Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki, and Chris Sullivan.


Civil War II – Thoughts


While fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are gearing up for Captain America: Civil War, us nerds in comic book land are prepping for Civil War II. We are just that cutting edge (and fickle). Today, thanks to New York Daily News we have got our first snippets of info in a surprisingly open look at the famed Marvel Creator Summit story building process:

“Civil War 2” writer Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso break down the premise.

“A mysterious new Marvel character comes to the attention of the world, one who has the power to calculate the outcome of future events with a high degree of accuracy,” according to the synopsis. “This predictive power divides the Marvel heroes on how best to capitalize on this aggregated information, with Captain Marvel leading the charge to profile future crimes and attacks before they occur, and Iron Man adopting the position that the punishment cannot come before the crime.”

That’s the surface level pitch but just like the original Civil War there are ties to the real world and how we live our lives,

“People’s personal accountability is the theme of this one,” Bendis explains to his peers of his project with artist David Marquez. “From the way cops are acting on camera, to the way people talk to each other online.”

So I am expecting a lot of reflection and viewpoints on how we collectively represent ourselves as a society. The original Civil War was all about the responsibility of power and should we let our governments control our freedoms even if it meant giving some of them up. This feels like it could be a response to the growing toxicity in our general discourse and how we are in general, very quick to jump on people, things and situations in terms of being “right” or “wrong.”

If you are interested in Marvel’s think-tank writing process the piece is really worth a look. It gives a lot of insight into the dynamics that come into play when Marvel’s top talent have to sit in a room and come up with the next “big thing.” Plus it is worth it just to see in black and white that nothing too bad will happen to Spider-Man this time around! (Although that could be Dan Slott being Dan Slott and prepping us Spidey fans for another fall!)

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DC Comics Classics Reviews

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come (Mark Waid & Alex Ross) 

Boy have I been looking forward to re-reading and reviewing this book for your pleasure!

Kingdom Come is one of my all time favourite comics and it is one that has stood the test of time. It goes to some dark places and explores some rather heady subject matter but at the end of the day a sense of hope and a dream of a brighter tomorrow shines throughout the dark. It is a must read for any comics fan, let alone DC Comics fan and it is the perfect book to get non-comic readers engaged in the medium!

This is because it is one of those “grim future” tales where the heroes of your childhood are no longer the same as they once were. The world has lost it innocence and the figures we once held up on pedestals have crumbled and fallen down. Essentially all you need to know to understand this book is who Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and their associated characters and a couple of other members of the Justice League are. Everything else is there for the hardcore fan to pick out in the background and secondary and tertiary characters are usually introduced with just enough information as to understand who they are and what they stand for. It plays on the power of the DC brand and how well everyone knows their main characters. Everyone knows who Supes, Bats and Wondie are. Everyone who does not read comics has some vague idea of who they are informed from seeing them in other media. Everyone has their “they all do good, all the time” view and expectations of them. This book plays on those expectations to brilliant effect while showing you what is at the core of each of the characters even in this post-crime fighting time period.

It is a main stay in any comic book reader’s collection and it is a joy to read every time I pick it up.

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FTDiesALot Livecast: What to look forward to in 2013

The FTDiesALot crew sits down to have a chat about what they are most excited about in the coming year!


  • Movies
  • Videos Games
  • Comic Books
  • And many, many tangents!

Please head to our YouTube Channel, FTDiesALot to see our other live broadcasts and videos.


Marvel Announces New All Female Team, The Fearless Defenders!

Marvel continues the rollout of its Marvel NOW! line-up and places an increased focus on its underused female characters. Comics Alliance has the full details on the new book but for now I am very interested in it. Cullen Bunn is going to the writer and I am a big fan of his Valkyrie staring Fear Itself: The Fearless (it is about the only redeeming thing about the Fear Itself event for me). So seeing him returning with another great looking female lead book that also serves as a semi-sequel to The Fearless and one that co-stars Valkyrie is all very good in my book. Art duties will be handled by Irish artist, Will Sliney who I have not really encountered before so I’m looking forward to seeing what his style is like.

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Preview – Superman: Earth One Volume 2

Comic Book Resources has a rather interesting preview for the upcoming second volume of J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis’ Superman: Earth One. From the looks of things they are still exploring that immensely fertile Superman learning to be Superman ground of ideas while throwing Parasite into the mix. It also looks like Straczynski is going to start imposing more of his own ideas as to the philosophy behind Superman which is cool to see. He will be testing his version Clark Kent on multiple fronts and see how that shapes him.

I’m a big fan of the first volume so this will be a day one purchase for me next month when it hits stores.

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Marvel NOW! My Pull List

So I’ve had some time to process the ending of Avengers Vs X-Men and all this Marvel NOW! stuff. I’ve also picked up the first issue of Uncanny Avengers and the Marvel NOW! Point One issue that came out this week. I’ve seen most of the teasers and read about all the stuff that happend during New York Comic Con. Overall I am excited which is a really, really, REALLY good thing because I haven’t been super excited about Marvel Comics for a long time. Marvel is how I got into comics and I am immensely happy to see the publisher collectively back on top creative form again after a couple of years of messing around and with only a few books shining in the darkness of event after event and crossover after crossover.

So these are my picks of the crop for the first batch of Marvel NOW! titles.

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