#WW84 – First Images From the Wonder Woman Sequel Revealed!

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins have shared the first images from the 1984 set Wonder Woman sequel! The hype train is officially on its way! WOOOOO!

As ever because I read far too much into these things I have some thoughts on what these images could mean and what they are referencing from the source material comic books below!


Gal Gadot’s image shows Diana looking at a wall of CRT TVs displaying images from late 80s pop culture, news and events. It also bares a striking resemblance to Ozymandias’ wall of TVs from the 1985 set Watchmen.


While I doubt Wonder Woman will attempt to bring about world peace in a similar way to Ozymandias, it is a strong image that plays into the Cold War fears of the time. While in the Wonder Woman sequel image also showing J. R. Ewing Jr from Dynasty for added horror!

It also reflects (literally) Diana being removed from the world of men since the events of the first film. So expect to see Wonder Woman helping people from the shadows like she was doing in Batman vs Superman rather than the in the open heroics of her intro sequence in Justice League. However…..


Patty Jenkin’s image meanwhile raises the most questions, namely how can Steve Trevor be alive, well and the same age-ish he was in World War I despite sacrificing himself to help stop Ares?

It could be that he is now a man out of time, but that would make him a bit to close to Captain America for my liking. Or it could be that he is a relative of the Steve we know from the first film who looks just like him and shares the same name, maybe with a Jr. at the end? Stranger things have happened in many a comic book. Also as we know from Gal Gadot’s image Dynasties were a big deal in the 80s! (I’m only half kidding on this)

Steve’s costume is also interesting because it evokes the look of one of his outfits from the 1987 revamp of Wonder Woman which redefined Diana for the modern age.


George Pérez take on the character in his ground breaking run is the one that all others aspire to be. The impact of which is still being felt today. So it is a smart move to look to it when making a modern Wonder Woman movie set in the late 80s.

The shopping mall setting of the image also makes me think of the recent re-imagining of Wonder Woman’s origins in the Year One arc from the 2016 Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott. A modern origin story that gets dangerously close to being better than George Pérez’s.


It is a great fish out of water story beat that leads into the some great action that develops the plot but also acts as Wonder Woman’s first public display of heroics in Year One. This arc from the comics is also notable because it intertwines Wonder Woman’s origins with Barbara Minerva/Cheetah’s as the comic flits between the modern day set The Lies and the past set Year One stories.


These arcs are the stories that made me care about Cheetah and her relationship with Wonder Woman. In the past writers just had Cheetah appear out of nowhere to fight Wonder Woman usually as a tool of a more menacing threat. Now thanks to Greg Rucka’s writing Cheetah is a tragic figure for me in the Wonder Woman comics. A person who through a mix of selfishness and misunderstanding is taken from being one of Diana’s first allies in Man’s World to become one of Diana’s greatest villains and deepest regrets. It is top-tier comic book writing and personal drama. Something which I hope the new film taps into with Kristen Wiig’s portrayal of the character.

So there you go! Far too much analysis to get from two simple images but I tend to see a lot of the things I love from the comics in what the film crews decide to capture for the latest big budget movie.


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