Catwoman’s New Costume Design


After her wedding to Bruce Wayne later this summer DC Comics are launching a brand new Selina Kyle staring Catwoman solo title written and drawn by Joëlle Jones. This naturally means we get a nice new re-design of Catwoman’s costume to fit in with her new status-quo.

On the surface it is mixing together elements of Selina’s more modern comic book costumes with the black leather look of the iconic Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer costume, minus the over the top stitching lines. There are also a few Batman influences in the design with her not only returning to wearing a cowl but also sporting a minimalist chest symbol and some armoured padding which is nice to see. The thing I like the most about this costume though are the openings under her arms and around her wrists to give her more mobility. A perfect fit for such a fluid movement based character.

DC Comics also released the cover for Catwoman #2 which will see the debut of her new costume:


It has been a pretty great year or so for Catwoman fans with her taking on a significant role in Tom King’s Batman run. Where the run up to the wedding of the year has been an action packed and often very personal look at both Batman and Catwoman’s approach to their decades spanning romance. Seeing that momentum carried forward into this new look and new book can only be a good thing however the wedding day ends up turning out.

(I’m guessing not good because this is superhero comic books!)


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