Dark Nights: Metal – The Best Bits

If I am really enjoying a comic book storyline or event when the last issue comes out I like to gather together the series up to that point and a few key tie-ins. Then read it through it all again before consuming the final chapter. This does a couple of things for me the main one being that it really hypes up that final issue, the other that it allows me to look at the finer details and notice things I missed during my first reading.

So here are my favourite moments (in some sort of order) from across Dark Nights: Metal #1-6, Batman: Lost, Hawkman: Found and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt:

  • It starts with Metal

  • Swearing gorillas

  • Damian Wayne is always winning

  • A brilliant introduction to Batman’s Dark reflections

  • Barbatos taunting Bruce

  • The Dark Knights enjoying a nice drink

  • Confirmation that everything that happens in DC Comics is 100% real

  • Starro returns and he has an attitude

  • New wrinkles are added to the foundational mythology of the DC Universe

  • Wonder Woman never gives up

  • Earth-53 seems like a really cool place

  • Plastic Man unleashed

  • It ends with Metal

  • Riding on the back of a Joker Serpent

  • The most unexpected and awesome team-up

  • Going beyond the Source Wall

  • Never the end


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