Bendis Moves From Marvel To DC

It was the Tweet heard around the (comics) internet. Brian Michael Bendis, arguably Marvel’s biggest writer is jumping ship to DC Comics. It is an announcement that has be met with equal parts surprise, excitement and hate. This is because this is the comics part of the internet were everyone needs to hate everything that happens.  Personally I am really excited because I am a huge fan of Bendis’ work at Marvel over the past couple of decades and I cannot wait to see what he does in the DC Comics sandbox.

Bendis is one of the architects of modern Marvel and his work has been a driving force in the style, tone and story elements the many Marvel Studios projects pull from. For me though Bendis expanded my love of comic books. After I picked up the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man and fell in love with his and Mark Bagley’s modern take on the origins of Spidey, Bendis became the first writer I consiously followed from book to book, character to character. Through him I realside the Avengers are a powerhouse team, that the convoluted mess that is X-men contiunity can be fun if you lean into it, that the Guardians of the Galaxy just might work as a movie (spoilers: it did) and much, much more.

During his time at Marvel he has also introduced a host of new characters that added to the Marvel Universe. You have your big hitters like Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and more recently Riri Williams/Ironheart but some amazing secondary characters like Maria Hill and Daisy Johnson. His event book work has always been fun for me from the paranoia of Secret Invaision to crazy fun of Seige and Civil War II. The man gets superhero stories and wants to push them and the longstanding characters that inhabit them in new and interesting directions.

So yeah I have high hopes what he does with which ever DC characters he gets his hands on.

Here is my wishlist for Bendis at DC Comics:

  • Justice League – Really make this book and team the front and centre of the overarching DC Universe story for a prolonged period of time.
  • Superman – Go back to the drawingboard, redefine Superman and what he means to readers and the DC Universe.
  • New Gods – Take this setting and characters in a new direction, also it would have a nice parallel to Kirby moving to DC to create the New Gods and associated characters way back when.
  • Booster Gold/Justice League International – I just want a new Booster Gold ongoing god damnit!
  • Spearheading a big event book or weekly series – A bit of a no brainer but Bendis does big universe altering stories really well.
  • Something new and unexpected.

I’m happy for him to do anything apart from Batman and the core Batman characters really because that would be too obvious. But if Bendis is going to plant his flag in Gotham I would much rather him revive a concept like Gotham Central.

However it shakes out we’re going to get some damn fine comic books which is always great!


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