New Start, New Direction-ish

Sidenote: I actually had this T2 toyset as a kid! It was very messy and had limited uses so it was a great use of my parents’ money!

After enjoying the first year and a bit of fatherhood I feel I am ready to come back to the nerdy side of the blogging scene. Except rather than dividing my attentions across multiple sites all requiring a substantion time commitment and planning I am just going to focus on one.

This one.

But I am going to roll in my board games and game design stuff into this place to try and keep a steady stream of posts coming in. The other key change is that I’m going to be more lifestyle-y* about things. Writing from a more personal point of view and covering a wider range of posts than just reviews. So expect more opion pieces and hot takes on the latest goings on in the nerd and geeky sides of the internet. I also want to try and live up to the Nerd part of the blog’s name and go really indepth on the things I cover but we will see.

For now just bare with me while I try some new things out!

*This does not mean I will be baking Darlek themed cakes and modelling geek fashion because nobody wants to see a roundish man dressed as a discount Spider-Man. There are other, better, places for that. I’m just going to do me and ramble about stuff I like.


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