Pokémon X – Review

It may have taken me over two years but I finished the main story of Pokémon X! I still don’t quite understand why it has taken me so long to achieve this. Whenever I play, I go really deep into the game’s systems and become obsessed with min/maxing stats and seeing/doing everything. So you would think that would keep me glued to the game non-stop. Instead it has been periods of manic playing with intervals lasting many months between the peak times.

As for the game overall the jump to 3D graphics has immensely improved things. This is the sort of Pokémon game I imagined playing on the N64 when I was deep into Red/Blue/Yellow games almost 20 years ago. A fully realised game world full of interesting characters and locations. With the added bonus this time of having an interesting story that runs along side the usual get eight Gym Badges and beat the Elite Four thread. The whole thing feels like the first step into a bright future for the franchise and I am excited to see what happens in Gen 7. (Possibly, hopefully, maybe coming to the NX!)

I decided as usual to make things harder for myself because of my school-yard logic for playing Pokémon which is a hold over from when the franchise was all the rage when I was 12.  So even though I know they don’t have any real detrimental effects to my monsters I avoid using things like Exp Share and letting the Pokémon faint during battle at all costs. (Along with the usual: HOLD DOWN + B CATCH POKEMON! NEVER FEED POKEMON RARE CANDY!! WALK EVERYWHERE TO RAISE FRIENDSHIP!!! weirdness) I also took the time to care and nurture for them via the game’s new Pokémon-Amie and Super Training mini-games and systems because happy monsters are the best monsters! Finally I decided to regularly cycle my team meaning I had some lengthy training periods as I brought 12-20 Pokémon up to self-imposed level caps. The end result meant that I truly got to experience what the France inspired region of Kalos had to offer and I have fallen in love with it more than I have any other Pokémon Universe location.

I am currently tinkering around with the post game stuff at the moment so I’ve still got quite a bit left to do before I transfer my Pokémon to the cloud based Pokémon Bank and make a start on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Black/Black 2 or Heart Gold/Soul Silver all of which are currently sat unplayed in my pile of shame. Then there is doing the unthinkable and playing to fully complete the National Pokedex, something I haven’t done since I played the original releases of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Do I go for it? Or do I just enjoy the monsters and adventures I have?


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