Riverdale receives Pilot Order! Hopes to become best beautiful show for beautiful people!


The CW has announced that they are giving the long gestating Archie TV show a shot and have ordered a Pilot for Riverdale. (Head to Comics Alliance for the details!) Which is great!


Because Archie is a beautiful property that despite its age has kept up with the times and trends of America, albeit in an idealised fashion. However the past year has seen an reinvention of Archie as a brand and it has recently been relaunched in comics with a more young adult focus by Mark Waid, Fiona Staples and friends. The results of which are some of the best comics I have read in the past few years.

Seriously do not be put off by the Archie wrapper and your notions of what that means. Go buy the first few issues and thank me later.


I’m very much hoping Riverdale takes its queues from the newer Archie comics because they are primed to be adapted. They are a good mix of real(-ish) life drama with elements of fantastical day dreaming and loud comedy. They are perfect!

This being a CW production does mean that the cast will be exclusively filled with beautiful people but that sort of works. Archie is an idealised America so everyone in it is beautiful, even Jughead! I can see the romantic rivals story of Betty and Veronica playing out over a season in my head. I picture it being filled with a lighthearted referential sense of humour not seen since the heyday of The OC. I can imagine this being a modern teen drama I would actually watch. A scary notion indeed!

For now though I will just have to make do with some excellent modern comics and a rich history that says a lot more than you’d think about American pop culture.


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