Today in Bullshit Click Bait – A Video Game Predicted The End of The Force Awakens


*blarg…bleegh…mmmbuueeeeeghhh!* *cough* *cough* “Urgh…Jesus…urgh…” *mmmbuueeeeeghhh!!* “urgh…” *hugs toilet*

Sorry that’s just me throwing up at seeing all the pieces about how a 10 year old piece of DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 apparently predicted the end of The Force Awakens.

Before I go any further consider this your customary SPOILER WARNING. So if you are one of the small minority of people who have yet to see The Force Awakens (what’s taking you so long?!) stay away.

Here’s the video: (skip tot he 30 second mark)

Despite the slight visual similarity to how the lightsaber goes through Han it is not a god damn prediction! I get that due to the success of the new movie the appetite for anything Star Wars related is at an all time high. But this is the definition of grasping at straws. The Battle of Endor DLC for the Force Awakens is a What If? style story were you can Force Kick Ewoks across the battlefield. Then in the tradition of the What If? Story, well known and loved characters are horribly killed and in general the good guys lose.

What’s next mining the Star Wars Infinities comics and declaring them future plot twists for Episodes VIII and IX? Because guess what, things go wrong and characters die in those too.


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