Change is here!

Ooo look this place looks different and has a new name!*

Gone is The Comic Book Reader and in its place is The Nerd Is The Word! Basically I want to expand my writing remit and as I get older and more time poor being able to write about a wider range of geeky things suits me better. So expect my usual level of dubious analysis of things but rather than just comic books the full and ever changing list now covers:

  • Video Games
  • Comic Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Tech
  • and Geeky/Nerdy thing that takes my fancy

The only thing I am keeping separate is my board games/tabletop writing which you can find here. I will mention and link to it from time to time, so you have been warned.

I’m not making any promises for regular posting (because when I do things usually grind to a halt) but I will try to keep this place active more than before!

Thanks for reading/following!


*If you read this blog on Tumblr the name hasn’t change but shhhh don’t tell the WordPress readers that!


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