The Good, The Bad and The Twee – CBS’ Supergirl

Overnight CBS unleashed a weird semi-condensed (but dressed as a trailer) version of the Pilot for their upcoming Supergirl TV show. My feelings towards it are mixed but mostly optimistic. It does some things right, others not so right and some….well….more on those in a bit.

Before I go any further it is worth outlining what exactly a Pilot Episode is in terms of US television and the role they have. They are a catch all, “Look this is the show we want to make!” 40 minute setup for what will hopefully be a full or part season order from a network. They paint the broad strokes of a show, its characters and overall tone. They are also used as a test bed for potential ideas or approaches which is why they can fluctuate wildly in quality in such a short space of time. More often then not things are chopped and changed from the Pilot to the production run of a show and I am guessing (read: hoping) that is the case for the more problematic aspects of Supergirl.

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Begun the Secret Wars have!

Secret Wars #1

After it became apparent that DC’s Convergence is one of the most phoned in “events” in comic book history I became a bit apprehensive for the start of Secret Wars. Thankfully I should learn not to doubt the talent of Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic and Co. who have blown me away with the opening issue of Secret Wars.

Secret Wars is something builds on what has been happening with Marvel’s line of characters over the past few years. It is also an event that respects its readers and their knowledge of the Marvel Universe’s history. It is not just an excuse to throw character at each other to try and make drama. There is depth and complexity to the big explosions and endless fighting.

But first, a warning before we go any further: THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD!

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