Avengers: Age of Ultron – Review


Age of Ultron, man what a film! I went in with a slight apprehension after the mixed reviews started coming out but thankfully Marvel, Joss Whedon and Co. have done it again!

I would go as far as to say it is actually the most comic book like film Marvel Studios had come out with to date. Rather than trying to re-hash the first film Joss Whedon instead has opted to borrow the current Marvel Comics structure of having all the characters doing their own thing in their solo series (i.e. the other Phase 2 movies) then having a big event that brings everyone together for big action, grand ideas and shake ups of status quo. Age of Ultron is that event and it rocks!

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The Dark Knight III: The Master Race – Announced!


The next and I’m guessing last chapter of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga was officially announced yesterday, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

There are lots of accusations that this is a cash grab on Miller’s part due to his increasing ill health but even if it is the case I am still looking forward to it. The Neoconservative Batman of Miller’s books is a weird and wonderful beast. Slightly twisted and hypocritical but yet you cannot stop routing for him. Also I have always found it fun to see Miller’s growing contempt for the younger generations get louder and louder as time goes on.

This time around writer Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman) is helping out so it looks like it could be a more focused story. I’m expecting some big crazy and incredibly stupid things from this book. I can’t wait!