All-New, All-Different Avengers Teaser


Marvel sure knows how to get everyone talking! This cover for the Free Comic Book Day issue of The All-New, All-Different Avengers is our first glimpse at the post Secret Wars Avengers line up. So far we have the soon to be unmasked new Thor (YAY!) and my favourite new hero of the past few years, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan (Double YAY!!) confirmed for the team. Then in an interesting move all the male characters are silhouetted to provoke speculation, finger pointing and mass hysteria amongst comic book fans.

So here is my take on who the remaining team members are.

Top Left – Iron Man

Tony Stark is the focal point of the modern Avengers due to the MCU movies so he kind of has to be on the team no matter what. I’m also guessing they will be keeping the Superior version of Tony Stark around for a while yet. While I am enjoying the current book the whole good guy being a douche thing has been played out already in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. Still he will be good to provide some needed friction between the team members.

It could also be Rhodey in a new sleeker Warmachine armour, just sayin’

Top Middle – Captain America  

Sam Wilson/Falcon taking over as Cap has been an interesting story so far and I want to see how he handles being at the head of the mainline Avengers team. Since he has started carrying the Shield it feels like Marvel have sidelined him a bit as the Avengers and New Avengers books lead into Secret Wars. Hopefully we will see Sam’s inherent awesomeness come out in this new series!

It is Falcon Cap deal with it!

Top Right – The Vision or Doctor Strange

Both characters will be seeing a big push over the next few years thanks to the MCU movies so having one of them on the main Avengers team now makes a lot of sense, corporate synergy wise. Also we need more Vision in all of our lives! He’s a robot with a soul what’s not to love! If it is Doc Strange expect him to be on the redemption path to make up for his recent turn to the darker side of the dark arts, selling his soul to the devil and all that.

I will honestly be happy with either one!

Bottom Right – Nova

FINALLY! I love the current Nova series and Sam Alexander as a character. He is on an awesome long form coming of age/being the hero we all know him to become journey and this is the long awaited next step. Expect him to be the comic heart to the team bouncing off Ms. Marvel and our middle figure….

Bottom Middle – Spider-Man (DUH!)

That is Spidey, no doubt about it. He has been a mainstay on the team since the first incarnation of the New Avengers. But in this post Secret Wars, end of the Ultimate Universe line Marvel Universe, who says it has to be Peter Parker? Is this finally the time for Miles Morales to hit the big leagues rather than being that cool thing to the sideline of Marvel’s output?

I really hope so!


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