Marvel’s Daredevil Teaser!

When it comes to Daredevil I have a general indifference to the character. I only really like the widely known classics and key arcs. He is probably one of the Marvel characters I have read the least of. Still I have always liked the concept of the character and the general approach of the book. Sadly it has never really taken me in like Marvel’s other series.

Still this trailer for Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe set Daredevil series has me exited for a few reasons:

  1. The dark tone is default Daredevil and it is great to see Marvel Studios going dark for this series and I guess all The Defenders shows they are making with Netflix. It is a pleasant change from the mainline MCU movies and TV Shows. It fits the 18-30 demographic for Netflix perfectly.
  2. This really feels like a down to Earth take on the character. Which again is a departure for Marvel Studios who tend to prefer flash over subtly. Matt Murdock doesn’t even have a proper costume in this show from the looks of things!
  3. The approach to Daredevil’s powers seems practical. He still interacts with the world as a blind person does but he has the added level of his sonar. He moves with care and precision from the brief look we have been given which is perfect in my book.

I am very eager to see more so role on April when I get to binge watch the adventures of The Man Without Fear!


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