Fantastic Four – Trailer #1!

Let me just start by saying, I want to like the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. I really do. The cast looks great and at its core the Fantastic Four is prime movie material. The comic is the template for Marvel’s output. They are Marvel’s “First Family” and are so important to the Marvel Universe. This trailer however does not excite me a whole lot, I’m interested but not desperate to see more.

There is just no life to it. The Fantastic Four is all about life, colour and madcap science adventures. This is taking a grim and gritty approach that just does not match with the source material. Also there is no real money shot of the team being awesome together. Instead we just get a shadowy shot of their backs in front of what looks like a dimensional portal.

The only positive is that it looks like it is taking a few queues from Ultimate Fantastic Four (a book which was really good for the first few arcs) for things like their origin. Also there is a sense of them exploring the unknown which is a must and something that the first two Fantastic Four movies forgot to include because they were to busy getting Jessica Alba accidentally naked for prolonged sections of those films…

I just really hope that the next trailer shows the group dynamic and that we see them playing off each other. Especially The Thing and the Human Torch! It is just not the FF if those two aren’t pranking each other!


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