#fourcomics – My picks

Jim Zub is a cool guy who makes comics books. He is also a cool guy who now makes comic book related hashtags on Twitter. Earlier this week he came up with #fourcomics that has taken the comics internet by storm.

The premise is simple, you share four comics either from your childhood and/or ones that had a formative impact on your love for comic books. So I did,

  • Akira Volume 1
  • Astonishing Spider-man #18
  • Batman: Hush Volume 1
  • Superman Red Son

I would say out of the many, many, many comic books I have read over the years these four books have had the biggest impact on my life. Both as an enthusiast for the art form and my tastes as a fan of fiction.

Astonishing Spiderman 18

Astonishing Spider-Man #18 is the line up because it is the first “proper” comic book I ever read. It started the ball rolling for a life long obsession. Astonishing is the long running UK re-print of the normal Spider-Man comics by Panini Comics and I have a lot of love for the work they do.

Akira Volume 1

Akira Volume 1 is in there because it blew my mind when I read it. The level of detail, the foreshadowing for later volume’s events. The mystery, the intrigue, action, comedy and drama it is all perfect. Also the fact that this one volume is 1000 times better than the film (which is still very good). If you have not read this truly brilliant series, go correct that now!

Batman Hush volume 1

Batman: Hush is there because I love it to bits for greatest hits style vibe and that it is still the perfect intro comic to the Batman family of books. I have also talked about it at length already if you want to find out more.

Red Son

Red Son is there because it opened up my eyes about what a Superman story is and can be. By shifting the perspective and origin of the character you learn about his core and what makes Superman, Superman. Again I have already written about Red Son at length in the past.

So dear reader, what are your #fourcomics?


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