Star Wars Comics Now On ComiXology!

Star Wars Debut

Marvel have gone crazy and you can now get pretty much every Star Wars comic ever on ComiXology! This is all to drum up sales and extra reading material before for the launch of next week’s Star Wars #1 which is currently on track to be one of the biggest comic book launches of the year. Why? Because,

  1. It is Star Wars.
  2. All of Marvel’s new Star Wars comics going forward are part of the “official” canon of the films. So there is a sense of importance to it all.
  3. It is Star Wars.

There is some really good stuff in the selection available so go check it out. Personally, I am very tempted to grab the Knights of the Old Republic Omnibus Editions. I loved that series so much as a kid! So much that I was initially disappointed with the groundbreaking Knights of the Old Republic game when it came out because it was nothing like the comic and actually had very little to do with it.

Also it must really suck to be Dark Horse Comics at the moment. I thought they would still get distribution/publishing rights for all the Star Wars stuff they made over the years but all this is being re-published by Marvel. So yeah…ouch.

You can grab all the goodness from a Galaxy far, far away by heading here.


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