Ant-Man First Trailer!

The first Ant-Man trailer has been released and it is the usual establishing the basics first trailer. It’s good but it is not amazing. Then again it doesn’t really have to be amazing Ant-Man as a film just needs to be “good.”

More than any other Marvel Studios movie, Ant-Man faces an uphill battle. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge gamble but that is one of those ideas that it so good it had to work. Ant-Man however is a group of Marvel characters that few “die hard” comic book fans care about. I love these characters but Hank Pym has issues (namely only really being known for being abusive to his wife, Janet van Dyne) which is why Marvel have decided to go with making Scott Lang the focus for this film. Turning Pym a mentor like figure in the guise of Michael Douglas. Which bucks the trend for comic book movies which is good to see. But on the whole this first trailer plays it a bit too safe for my liking.


The film interests me because a couple of years ago Marvel said they were going to stay clear of Origin Story movies. So what we have here is a mix of a slight origin story with a passing of the torch story that introduces the concept of Legacy Characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The notion of Legacy will be a big thing for Marvel Studios in the run up to the end game of Avengers: Infinity War (trust me, as much as we want Robert Downey Jr. to keep playing Iron Man he is going to get too old and his salary too high at some point) and this is the starting point for that.

The other reason this film faces a huge uphill battle is because this was originally meant to be an Edgar Wright film. Which due to creative differences, Wright left production just before shooting was meant to begin and now we have this film instead. So a lot of people will be going into this film myself included to a certain extent, watching it and imagining what Edgar Wright’s version of it would be. So yeah, it is going to be a tough one. Especially because Wright’s films are known for having an alternative viewpoint and very geek orientated sense of humour. Which for whatever reason has been stripped from the final version of the film from what this first trailer shows.


The final thing is I know that my favourite Ant-Man related character and one of my favourite Avengers will not be in this film. The Janet van Dyne of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be dead in the present day of this movie. Which saddens me greatly. I love The Wasp and Janet as the fiery, forward thinking and ever positive character she is. Movie going audiences are going to miss out on that and the MCU is going to be slightly worse off because of it. Let’s just hope that Evangeline Lilly’s, Hope van Dyne pulls a lot from Janet in the comics to make up for it.

I am looking forward to seeing how Ant-Man plays out. This trailer has piqued my interest but I honestly have no idea how the film is going to turn out. It also really doesn’t help that the internet narrative for Ant-Man is that it is destined to be a flop. (See also: anything with the words DC and Comics attached to it) Still at the end of the day, Marvel Studios haven’t for me at least made a bad movie. So I trust them and their many plans within plans.


4 thoughts on “Ant-Man First Trailer!

  1. Good Post, Callum!
    I am 1 of the few to know Ant-Man during my comic-collecting days
    Was over-th-moon to learn that a movie was planned for him.
    Now that w get closer to release date, I’m not so sure.
    Michael Douglas? Not convinced… but Paul Rudd?! That is 1 HECK of a dodgy choice!
    Just hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Daredevil…

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