Marvel’s Agent Carter Preview Clip!

I can’t wait for this series!

It has the potential to be awesome and the limited run of episodes should keep it super focused. (Well focused for an American TV series anyway) But now I have one more reason to be excited, the actual human version of Jarvis will be in the show! So I’m guessing there will be a few jokes about how Jarvis should stop acting like a cold emotionless robot all the time, etc, etc. to keep the link with the Jarvis AI in Iron Man strong.

The clip doesn’t give much else away apart from the macguffin for Peggy’s first mission and a preview of a fight scene. It is just a small taste.


75 Years, 75 Batmen

DC Entertainment have put out this neat little video that cycles through the various designs for Batman over the years. It interesting to see what elements of the core design have remained consistent and what has changed over the past 75 years.