Thus Ends the Best Run on Wonder Woman in Years

WW35 cover

This week’s Wonder Woman #35 brings to a close Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chang and Co’s run on the book that began with the birth of The New 52 initiative from DC Comics. It has consistently been on of my favourite books for the past two and a bit years. Mainly because in this age of everything having to have a constant jumping on points, it has been great to see this book and the team behind it being given the freedom to tell a long form tale. One that hits at and plays with several of the core concepts of the character.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading this run I recommend you go pick up the first volume in either print or digital it is well worth your time and money. Go do it now!


As for the run and the final issue I am so sad that it is over. This book has been so good and it is a shame to see it come to a close. (Thankfully I’m liking the look of the new creative team and their approach to the character) This comic has constantly been steeped in both Greek Mythology and Wonder Woman’s own Mythos as a comic superhero. It has brought in some controversial changes to Wonder Woman’s origin and the nature of the Amazons but unlike them being changes for change’s sake they actually serve the story. They are a direct reflection of the recurring theme of over comming war and conflict that is at the heat of the story and Wonder Woman as a character.

All these revelations and twists are thrown at both Diana and the reader and Diana looks at them, accepts them and then rises above them. All culminating in her becoming the new God of War who strives for peace which is a beautiful contradiction that matches well with the character’s history.

The ride has been epic and the final issue was near enough perfect. Tying up the majority of the loose ends in a neat bow and leaving room for further exploration. It even has a brilliant emotional punch as The First Born unmasks and kills the Minotaur because he shows Diana mercy like she showed him way back in the Wonder Woman #0 issue.

WW35 the feels

It was completely unexpected and hit home because it shows that Wonder Woman can and does make a difference to even the most corrupt of creatures. The art also doing a superb job of selling the moment.

The art for the whole run has been amazing if when it has seen shifting teams within the same issue from time to time. There is a consistent look and feel to everything that gives a great sense of continuity. So while Cliff Chang’s awesome art is the reason you will be drawn to the story, everyone else does an admirable job of aping his style in a sort of manga-like approach not often seen in Western comic books.

The only downside to the issue was that the final reveal and revelation (no spoilers!) felt a bit rushed as things had to be wrapped up before the page count ran out. Still it was a grand end and a touching send off that once again shows how awesome Wonder Woman is as a character. As a result this is now perhaps my favourite run of the character just (only just!) beating both Gail Simone and George Perez’s runs with the book.

If you have been reading this book, you know where I’m coming from to give it such high praise.

If you haven’t been reading this book go read it now, you will not regret it.


3 thoughts on “Thus Ends the Best Run on Wonder Woman in Years

  1. Ah man, I’m so sad to see this creative team close up shop. It’s truly a case of “all good things must come to an end.” I have issue #1 through #25. It was book that both my wife and I loved together. I hope that their version of Wonder Woman will stick and give the character the platform she deserves for future books.

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