Marvel and Dan Slott Are Playing With My Emotions!


Sometimes I think of Dan Slott and I picture a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain laughing manically as he plays with the heroes of the show. Except Dan is a happy man with a beard who loves Spider-Man so whenever he does stuff like this I have a little bit of hope.

Except this time the tease is grouped in with all the mysterious Summer 2015 images Marvel have been coming out with the past couple of weeks. All of which are showing alternate versions of big events and stories. Except now they have moved on to punching me in the emotional gut. Especially when it is accompanied with tweets from Dan Slott like this:

Peter and MJ not only together but married and with a child! (May “Mayday” Parker or a new character?) This is the dream every Spider-Man reader has had since that whole One More Day madness split Peter and MJ apart seemingly forever due to Editorial mandate.

I’m guess this will be part of the upcoming events of next summer and will quickly disappear once that is all over. Still it will be fun while it lasts.


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