Why the Next Five Years of Superhero Movies is Awesome!

CA_Supermovies_10-28-2014-2(Image Source)

I look at this infographic from the guys at Comics Alliance and it brings a smile to my face. This image represents basically my next five years worth of cinema trips (not including Star Wars and the non-geeky movies I see from time to time). I look at this image and I reminisce about the past. To a time were I couldn’t even imagine Superhero movies being the driving force in popular culture that have ushered in a new golden age of geekdom and nerdiness that has taken over the world.

There was a time when it was just me and my comic books and so few people knew of these characters and worlds. Now comics are shaping things to the point where movie studios have to line up their films and announce them five years in advance.

It constantly blows my mind that people who have never touched a comic are having debates about who is better Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Batman or Superman? These are the same people who used to point and laugh at me at school when I was sat there pouring over the latest issue of Astonishing Spider-man. (FYI: Astonishing is the UK re-print book of the Spidey titles) Now they come to me with all sorts of questions about the Marvel movies and just exactly how a fight between Batman and Superman is going to work.

I remember when a critic said comic book movies would die out after the first lot of X-Men and Spider-Man films had run their course. Now look at it! One whole Cinematic Universe for Marvel has been made (which is still growing!) and another for DC Comics is just getting started.

This is the golden age and it is awesome to be witnessing it unfold before my eyes.


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