Batgirl’s New Look


(Source: MTV News)

So as of Batgirl #35 Gail Simone is once again off from writing Batgirl. Sad, yes, but this time it doesn’t seem to be a case of her being fired by email. More of just her run with the character is coming to an end, for now. So with her departure comes a new creative team and an opportunity to take the character in a “New and bold direction.”

Normally I would shrug and carry on with what I was doing but I am liking the look of the new team and what they are doing with the character. We have writers Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher with artist Babs Tarr and the results are pretty cool.


The new design seems like a decent attempt to contemporise the character and the idea of showing us the more trendy parts of Gotham City in the book fits with this idea. They are basically making the 20-something Batgirl look and act like a 20-something woman. I like it, I like it a lot.



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