Geoff Johns Superman Sale

Superman Sale

Superman Sale Link

For the next seven days ComiXology are having a sale on all of Geoff Johns’ run with Superman and I implore you to check it out. These are some of the best Superman comic books and story lines of the past decade and really show Johns’ talent as a writer. He gets to the core of what makes Superman, Superman and manages to do so with gripping stories full of action and drama. Which is something many Superman comics sadly lack.

The sale is of course to wet your appetite for Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr’s takeover of the New 52 Superman this month.

Out of what is available I would recommend you read:

  • Last Son (Action Comics #844-846, #851 & Action Comics Annual #11)
  • Escape from Bizarro World (Action Comics #855-#857)
  • Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes (Action Comics #858-#863)
  • Brainiac (Action Comics #866-#870)

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes is one of my all-time favourite Superman stories because it shows how great Superman is and how what he stands for can be twisted to aid a completely contradictory ideology to Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Last Son is Johns’ epic written in conjunction with Superman: The Movie and Superman II’s Richard Donner. Much delayed when it was originally published reading it together in one or two settings makes for a gripping tale of Superman struggling with Krypton’s past and the possibility of becoming a father figure to a young Kryptonian.

Escape from Bizarro World is a crazy fun story with some truly stunning art from Eric Powell that makes it a must read.

Finally, Brainiac is a gripping thriller with a heartbreaking end the launched a huge storyline that spanned the Superman family of books for the better part of a year.


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