Super Crazy Ultimate Spider-Man Sale!


ComiXology and Marvel decided in the run up to the 200th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man to put on a massive sale of all 199 issues of the series. You can get the entirety of Ultimate Spider-Man, (that’s 199 comics!) digitally for $99.99 (£60.10) through ComiXology’s website in celebration of the series approaching it’s 200th issue.

As ever, you can also link your ComiXology account with the ComiXology and Marvel comics app/websites to read them anywhere and on any supported device.

USM is one of the best ongoing comic book series ever put together and it is all written by one man, Brian Bendis with a host of truly brilliant artists working on the book for long runs too. It is the book that has the most influence on the current Andrew Garfield starring Spider-Man films and is also a comic book series that has brought me to tears multiple times.

The series on a whole is also discounted down to $0.99/£0.69 per issue through the various comics apps on iOS/Android if you need to play catchup or fill in the gaps in your collection.

Seriously go buy it and thank me later!

Link to the ComiXology $99.99 bundle pack.