Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

It’s finally here! The Guardians of the Galaxy are here and in a big way and it is about damn time!

This trailer gives us a perfect taste of what is to come in the final film. It has got that cool grimy sci-fi look that I like, explosions (lots of explosions), a diverse set of characters and aliens, 80s music and of course, raccoons. It is gonna be awesome!


It is great to see Marvel Studios taking a non-traditional comic and adapting it into a film that on paper no other studio would green light. It oozes charm and the Marvel Movie style of cool action and wit. I find myself wanting more straight away especially things not really seen in the trailer such as Rocket Raccoon and Groot speaking. So there is still a lot more to be shown off before the film comes out this Summer. YAY!

Like many people when Marvel announced the Guardians of the Galaxy movie I was a bit hesitant. They are a set of characters I had not really read. Since then and due to the cosmic push in the Marvel Movies I have read many of the key cosmic storylines in the comics and a lot of them just happen to feature the Guardians of the Galaxy. So yes, I fell in love with them all, especially Rocket and Groot, who are just brilliant characters. I am also very fond of the current Guardians of the Galaxy comic book which is currently giving readers an action packed tour of the Marvel Cosmos with witty one-liners and a giant tree shouting, “I am Groot!” at every opportunity. So if you are looking to do some research before the film comes out the first trade of the current comic is a good place to get started.


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