Superbowl Trailer Round Up



Yesterday over the pond in America they had their yearly celebration of all things ‘Merica. I believe it is something to do with a rugby ball, some very alternative rules for football, people eating a lot of food and shouting at their TVs. It also means we get new trailers for the year’s biggest movies because nothing says sports like trailers for movies where you will sit on your bum for two to three hours!

So first up we have The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

It may be made up of a lot of footage we have already seen but it also gives us a lot of new stuff. In particular stuff focused on the film’s very different version of Electro. The trailer makes it clear that even though it takes elements from the Ultimate Spider-Man version of the character that this is an all new spin on him for the most part. Max Dillon seems to be a completely different character from either of his comic book versions. Making him part of the Oscorp “We are not the big bad of these films…honest!” staff and giving him a fanboy-ish obsession with Spider-Man are new ideas for the character. Ideas that I am happy to see explored in the film as one of its main themes seems to be Spidey dealing with and trying to live up to his new found fame. Also outside of his persona as Electro, Dillon is a pretty one note character in the comics despite being one of my favourite Spider-Man villains.

The rest of the trailer re-hashes the Oscorp and Harry stuff we have already seen with new footage dotted about the place. All with the lingering spectre of something maybe happening to Gwen Stacy by the end of the film. It’s all good stuff but it is missing one thing: The Rino! He’s one of the villains in the film yet we only get to see a couple of glimpses of his armour and that’s it! I was expecting a full reveal for him in this trailer but it seems they are keeping that one for the film itself.

Next we have Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Man am I looking forward to this film! It looks like they have managed to make a really good action movie that happens to have Captain America in it which is all good in my book. The trailer gives us a lot more on the Winter Soldier aspects of the film. Fleshing out his origins and upping his threat level (basically everyone will have their ass kicked by him at some point before the big final battle). It also sort of gives the game away as to his identity but that is not really a big spoiler for this telling of the story. There’s lots of explosions, lots of cool bits and lots of Scarlett Johansson being just plain amazing as the Black Widow.

We also get this very interesting image towards the end of the trailer:

Who's under the sheet?!

Just who exactly is under that white sheet of doom?

Well here’s some speculation for you:

  1. It is the first fake death for Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It needs to happen at some point and it would be a cool story twist, especially if it is drawn out over the next couple of Marvel Movies. It also means that Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill can step into the top job at S.H.I.E.L.D and get to show off her awesomeness. Yes I am one of those people who loves Maria Hill.
  2. It is the Winter Soldier. If it is I will be very happy because that means they will be exploring Black Widow’s history and maybe relationship with him. Also possibly it could be his fake death because hey, he’s a super-spy in a superhero movie and it has happened to him about three times in the comics already!
  3. It is another character in the film who will die as a plot device as part of the conspiracy around the Winter Soldier and they will have some history with Black Widow to help flesh out her character and tie her into the main plot.

One thing that I know for sure is that it is not Agent Coulson. His death happened a long time ago for these characters. (Seriously Black Widow can not grow hair that fast!) Also his story is being told in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D wether you like it or not. (But you should like it because the show has improved a lot since its ropey start!)

Other quick summaries of trailers from the Superbowl that aren’t comic book related:

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction – I could not care one bit about this movie.
  • The Muppets: Most Wanted – More Muppet fun times! Also the marketing strategy for the film is both smart and funny.
  • 24: Live Another Day – Despite the very cheesy (but oddly fitting) James Bond title for the series, I am really looking forward to seeing Jack Bauer back in action. It is going to be really fun to see how they present England and London in the show. Also why have they made Chloe go all Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?



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