Guardians of the Galaxy Character Profiles and Poster!



Not content to let us all recover from the first trailer Marvel have released the first poster for Guardians of the Galaxy along with a bunch of very quick character profiles.

The poster emphasises Marvel’s past successes as a way to garner interest and the character profiles intercut footage from the trailer with behind the scenes clips and interviews. It is all fairly standard but helps give a taste for those not versed in who this ragtag group of heroes are.

Most importantly though is that we get to see a snippet of Bradley Cooper giving his voice to Rocket Raccoon. One thing we do not get however is Vin Diesel saying, “I am Groot” which makes me sad…

Check out the videos below:

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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

It’s finally here! The Guardians of the Galaxy are here and in a big way and it is about damn time!

This trailer gives us a perfect taste of what is to come in the final film. It has got that cool grimy sci-fi look that I like, explosions (lots of explosions), a diverse set of characters and aliens, 80s music and of course, raccoons. It is gonna be awesome!

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Awesomeness of the Week!

I’ve been lazy so here is the best of the last two weeks in one post for you 😀

Also featuring spoilers for Batman #28 so if you haven’t read it yet you can only blame yourself!

Superbowl Trailer Round Up



Yesterday over the pond in America they had their yearly celebration of all things ‘Merica. I believe it is something to do with a rugby ball, some very alternative rules for football, people eating a lot of food and shouting at their TVs. It also means we get new trailers for the year’s biggest movies because nothing says sports like trailers for movies where you will sit on your bum for two to three hours!

So first up we have The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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