Marvel One-Shot “All Hail The King” Teaser

“Bloody hell, it’s not exactly The Rtiz is it?”

I love the Marvel One Shot shorts that come on the Blu-Rays for their films. They have always been nice little additions to the extra features and since the Avengers they have proven a good way of fleshing out the MCU a bit more in between the main movies.

I am excited about All Hail The King in particular because I am a fan of the Mandarin/Trevor Slattery twist in Iron Man 3. In particular how it deftly side-stepped the inherent racism in the character of the Mandarin and chose to highlight the nature of Superhero Vs Supervillain relationships and dynamics of the culture of fear perpetuated by the news media instead. (See comic book movies can slip in the odd wink to on-topic issues between the explosions and awesomeness!)

That and Ben Kingsley can be a very funny man when he wants to be. You can tell he loves the character and the complete daftness of him. He gets a chance to step into his shoes again and we get a chance to find out more about him while laughing at his antics. Everyone is a winner!


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