Amazing Spider-Man 2 International Trailer

Showing once again that people outside of America prefer substance to pure action! 😛

This international trailer for ASM2 gives us a bit more character stuff, in particular Peter being a goof and how the whole Osborn thing will be the major threat of the film. Which I’m fine with. It also looks like they will be going Ultimate Spider-Man route of having Norman Osborn basically saying “Join me and be evil or die horribly.” Which again is great because it was a nice wrinkle to their relationship in Ultimate that I like. Norman felt like he owned Peter and that he should do whatever he wanted. It showed a very twisted side to him and if done right in the film could also add further to the Harry/Norman dynamic.


It also looks like they are doing the classic pride before a fall Spidey story. Yes this has been done in the previous films with VERY mixed results *cough* Spider-Man 3 *cough* but it is a classic Spider-Man thing. Everything is going great, the city loves him, crowds gather to cheer him on and then suddenly the shit hits the fan in a big way and the world turns against him. Also the fall for this film could be quite big seeing as we are seeing lots of foreshadowing of events that lead to this:

The Death of Gwen StacyThe single most defining moment for Spider-Man as a character that has pretty much informed everything since, The Death of Gwen Stacy.

It is a moment in the history of the character that reverberates and causes intense debate even to this day. If there is ever a hint of Marvel thinking of bringing Gwen back from the dead the internet explodes because it is just that important. The international trailer features the movie Gwen in a very similar outfit, near enough identical to be honest, and the somewhat forced line “Sorry I love you, don’t hang me” from Peter which is a tad on the nose.

So this either means it is going to happen and millions of cinema goers will leave ASM2 heartbroken and it will be a big win for the continued evolution of the comic book movie. Or we will get a classic comic book movie copout on a defining character moment and the movie version of Spider-Man will save Gwen Stacy to show he is superior (heh) to the comic book version. For similar copouts see the Iron Man movies showing and then forgetting about Tony Stark’s alcohol problems. The lack of two (yes two!) proper training montages in The Dark Knight Rises; one when Bruce starts Batman-ing again and the other after he climbs out of the big pit in the ground that is not called (but probably was in an early draft) the Lazarus Pit. Batman is built on montages, it is his whole thing as a character!

Joking aside, this trailer certainly adds to my feelings that this film will be surprisingly good.



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