Amazing Spider-Man 2 1st Trailer!

Hey look it! The first trailer for the next Spider-Man movie!

The first ASM film received a lot of flak when it came out due to the internet being a grumpy place and the film not really being quite as good as it could have been. It was still a great film and nowhere near as bad as some people claim it to be. (Also IMO it has one of the best Stan Lee cameos out of all the movies featuring Marvel characters) Flawed but good. That was the first film in a nutshell.

From this action packed trailer for the sequel I got the sense that they are ramping up the two subplots from the first movie (Oscorp being evil and Peter’s parents having something to do with it) and bringing them into the foreground as the reason for Spidey facing off against not one but THREE bad guys in the new film. Now multiple villains are always a hard thing to do in a superhero movie but I think ASM2 has the chance and the sheer gall to pull it off. Having the three villains linked together by Oscorp and Norman controlling things from his death bed immediately cuts down on time need to explain everything. They can just deal with it all in one or two scenes and move on with the movie. No lengthy backstories in an attempt to make one of the villains a sympathetic character at the expense of fleshing out your other villains. (Also basically do not do anything that Spider-Man 3 did) Also the need for multiple villains is a necessity in this and the next Spidey film because the end goal is a Sinister Six focused movie to bring them all together to knock seven shades of crap out of Andrew Garfield. So part of me is willing to go along for the ride if it means we get the Spider-Man equivalent of the Anti-Avengers.

Like I said, I enjoyed the first film and I’m looking forward to this, if it keeps the semi-light hearted tone and more everyman aspect they added to Peter’s character, then I think we will be on to a winner. The only major fear I have at this point is that it is going to get to bogged down in trying to explain the story behind Peter’s parents which for me is fairly unnecessary. They can be Russian spies, super scientists, crime lords or whatever and I just wouldn’t care. For me Spider-Man is always about moving forward and having Peter deal with whatever trouble the world decides to throw at him next. The worst Spidey stories are always the ones that try to re-write the past or use forgotten and lost truths about characters to shock the reader. This kind of has the feel of that but if it remains a secondary story like it was in the first film it won’t be to problematic for me.

Spidey is my favourite superhero despite how much I bang on about Superman and the character has been a constant presence in my life so I am willing to let a lot slide on this like I did the first movie. It just better improve on the first film! An early indicator of which is the new and more comic book like costume which I love!

Roll on next Summer!


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