75 Years of Superman celebrated in the coolest way possible

This wonderful piece of animation has been put together in part to celebrate Superman hitting 75 and also to help promote the Man of Steel Blu-Ray release in December. Directed by Zack Snyder the animation gives you glimpses at the key moments in the character’s history both in print & on screen. To sum it up: it is simply wonderful!

Yes it got me all emotional seeing how the character has changed over the years and seeing the key moments that I personally remember. Such as watching the Christopher Reeve movies on TV as a child, the Bruce Timm style animation I love from the Superman Animated Series and Justice League cartoons. Along with several comic book story lines and issues I have read over the years.

Superman 75 years logo

More than anything though, it shows how much the character has changed and been adapted for the times over the years while still remaining true to the initial core concept. 75 years of change, both good and bad. Cartoons and movies, both good and bad. Comic books, both really good and really bad. Oh and the odd really terrible video game cropping up every now and then!

The character and his mythos continues to endure and grow with each new generation. Superman is a constant fixture in pop culture and a hero that everyone knows of no matter how well versed in comic books and superheroes they are.

This short piece of awesome is  huge “Cheers!” to the character and the promise of 75 more years of the blue boy scout saving the day.


superman_75_short_line_up_by_dusty_abell-d6qostxArtist Dusty Abell has shared the designs for all the various Supermen featured in the short over on his deviantart page.


One thought on “75 Years of Superman celebrated in the coolest way possible

  1. Artist Dusty Abell on his deviantart page, there’s a missing Superman, “2006 Superman Returns Brandon Routh”

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