20,000 Page Views!

20,000 Views!(Image Source)

Yes this humble little comics blog has reached 20,000 Page Views!

So first of all thank you if you are a regular visitor to The Comic Book Reader. Also thank you if you are one of those people who comes here to grab high res images of comic pages and comic book art. (You know who you are!) Let us also not forget the many people who have ended up here buy googling the phrases, “space orgy comic”, “space orgy” and “robotic sex comics” I love your dirty minds most of all!

I started this blog on a whim while I was unemployed in the earlier half of the year because I bored. (Seriously like super bored, unemployment does things to a man!) I figured I would eventually loose interest and this place would fizzle out of existence like every other website/blog/whatever I have started. It nearly did fizzle out a couple of times but I kept getting that itch to write stuff about one of the things I love most in the world, comic books. The odd comment that is left on posts and the semi-frequent emails and private messages have also kept me coming back. So if you ever left a comment or sent me a message thank you!

Some crazy things have happened along the way to 20,000 view too, such as being linked to in an io9.com piece by Charlie Jane Anders about Man of Steel and comic book movies in general. Which is well worth reading and can be found here. The casual io9 link gave me a huge morale boost right when I needed it and with it a need to keep adding to this site as and when I can.

So 20,000 views! YAY!!!

Lets end this little post with a few stats: (Note: the stats were recorded yesterday so they are already way out of date! Such is the way with these things!)

  • The most views in one day so far has been 603 from when the io9 piece linked here.
  • The post the io9 piece linked to which is my review of Chris Claremont & Frank Miller’s classic Wolerine series has a received 1,432 views so far. (go read it here)
  • The most popular post on the site, excluding the home page, is the one about Nightwing winning the award for The Stupidest Death in a Comic Book by being killed by a rock in the pages of the Injustice Gods Among Us comic. It has a nice 2,714 views.
  • Americans, from the land of comic books, like to visit the site the most with 8,146 ‘Mericans coming my way. A number which dwarfs the next highest visitors by country the UK, land of tea and monarchies that have to answer to an elected government, with the site having a nice and respectable 2,906 visits from my fellow Brits.
  • The rest of the visits by country come from Canada (1,455 visitors) and across the length and breadth of Europe (France 503 visitors, Germany 313 visitors and many more countries). Along with a couple of fly in visits from places like Belarus, the Sudan and the Syrian Arab Republic.

So that’s it 20,000 views, a major milestone for me.

Here’s to 20,000 more!


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