Belated Awesomeness of the Week!

Only just finished reading last week’s comics! (How unlike me 😀 )


Thor: The Dark World Tailer 2!

I get home from a long day of doing stuff  and I get home and see that lo and behold! THERE’S A SHINY NEW THOR TRAILER!

Marvel said Phase 2 was going to get personal for their Avenging Heroes and while this summer’s Iron Man 3 dug down deep into what makes Tony Stark tick (in more ways than one!). Thor: The Dark World looks set to take everything Thor holds dear and put it all on the line in a true Asgardian epic for our times!

I think out of all the Marvel movies the original Thor was the one that was most surprising for me. It stood apart from Cap, Iron Man and the Hulk due to its more fantastical nature but it also had something else to it. It felt like a good old fashioned adventure movie and this sequel looks set to build on that and develop every character seen in the first film a lot more. Which is AWESOME! Also there seems to be a lot more fighting in this one which is even more awesome!

The trailer also features a menacing, and slightly northern, voiceover from new big bad, Christopher Eccleston (The 9th Doctor for those who care) along with the prerequisite Loki scheming and everyone threatening to kill him stuff. Which is all really rather good even if everyone’s hair has grown to ludicrous lengths.

I await the final film with bated breath while clutching my Nerf Mjolnir.

OH! I almost forgot! That giant rock monster thing thing that is not quite The Thing at the end of the trailer? That is a Kronan.

Kronans woop!They have played a few bit roles in Thor stories in the past and are actually quite interesting if you take the time to read up on them. The most well known Kronan in the comics is probably Korg from my favourite Hulk story, Planet Hulk. Still it is really cool to see Marvel casually throw in these smaller references, characters and in this case; cosmic alien races into their movies to help build out the cinematic universe. It also has me exited to see more of Guardians of the Galaxy because that promises to be absolutely rammed to the ceiling with little things like this!


Hollywood is wrong about Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

What is the problem with Wonder Woman? That is the question many people ask themselves when thinking and talking about the latest and greatest comic book movies. She is perhaps one of the world’s most well known superheroes and yet any projects (film, TV or other) featuring her are constantly on the back burner. The most recent setback in seeing a decent live action version of the character is the announcement that plans have been put on hold to make an Arrow like Wonder Woman TV show for the CW in favour of a Flash based TV show instead. I have mixed feelings about it because well….Arrow is a very mixed bag of show and some of what I have heard about the planned Wonder Woman show was just…rage inducing. Still it was something to look forward to but yet again like Joss Whedon’s attempt at a film, the truly terrible David E. Kelley TV show Pilot and countless other attempts to bring the character to modern audiences all current plans have been shelved.

So what is holding Warner Brothers back from modernising and unleashing a new, awesome and wonderful Wonder Woman on the world? Matthew Paterson over at Major Spoilers has made a good and educated guess and the basics of it are that WB see Wonder Woman as a risk. A risk so big that it terrifies them at the amount of money they could lose on making at Wonder Woman TV show or film. As a result she always gets sidelined for safer bets and more “bankable” characters. Which anyone including Matthew Paterson will tell you is complete bullshit. People like good movies, if everyone tells them a movie is good they will go see it. If it appeals to them, they will see it. Hollywood has a fear of people liking things outside of their predefined boxes. Guys like guns and action, girls like romance and drama and never the two camps shall meet. Every time anything staring a big female lead is a success everyone says, “Hey maybe now Hollywood will start making more female orientated action movies, comedies, etc.” but it never happens because the moneybags types refuse to take their heads out of the sand. Then everybody quickly returns to talking about female characters in movies by their looks and body parts rather than their you know…character.

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