Marvel Infinity Trailer

UPDATE: Marvel UK have released an easily embed-able YouTube version of the trailer!

Original Story:

Marvel Infinity Banner

I have a soft spot for trailers for comic book events and story lines. They are always cheesy and always exciting. They wet my appetite nicely and it is so infrequent/random as to which books get trailers that it is always a surprise when one comes along.

Infinity is an event that I have been watching the build up to closely. With the advent of Marvel NOW! I decided to give the cosmic side of Marvel’s output a go. I instantly fell in love with the characters and sheer epicness of the cosmic Marvel Universe so this big event bringing the cosmic and the normal together is a big deal for me. It is what Jonathan Hickman has been steadily building towards with his run on Avengers and New Avengers too so the payoff promises to be a big one.

However the most recent Marvel event, Age of Ultron left me a bit cold as it promised so much but failed to deliver on multiple levels. So I am hoping that Infinity sides on the good event book end of the scale rather than the pit reserved for things like Fear Itself among others.

Head to Comic Book Resources to view the trailer!


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