The stupidest death in a comic ever award goes to….

Injustice-Gods-Among-UsInjustice: Gods Among Us is something I have a passing interest in. I like the look of it and I am a fan of fighting games. However not so much of fan to pay £40 for the privilege to play it. So I am currently waiting for it to drop in price and/or appear on Sony’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. (Are you listening Sony?) As ever with any comic book video game there is a tie-in comic associated with it. Giving the back story and fleshing out the game’s narrative. Setting the stage for the craziness that has all these heroes and villains fighting and killing each other in a DC Universe gone mad! I have be keeping up with the comic by reading re-caps and breakdowns of it via places like scans_daily and tumblr. It seems like the usual alternate reality everyone you know dies in a ridiculous way type deal.

But one death takes the cake. The prize. All the awards for the stupidest thing I have seen in a comic book for a long time. In my daily check of tumblr my feed was filled with reactions. Reactions that range from pure white hot fan rage to literally falling of your chair laughing. Yes it is one of those deaths. A death that will go down in infamy for its levels of stupidity and poor storytelling.


Take it away Injustice Damian Wayne and Dick Greyson!

Injustice death of nightwing 1 Injustice death of nightwing 2

Injustice death of nightwing 3

Injustice death of nightwing 4

Injustice death of nightwing 5


Nightwing Rock 1

Nightwing gets killed by a rock!


Nightwing Rock 2

Not just any rock. A rock just casually laying on the floor minding its own business!

Nightwing Rock 3

I can’t stop laughing!



13 thoughts on “The stupidest death in a comic ever award goes to….

  1. Haha that’s hilarious. But I guess they had to make it so Robin didn’t directly kill him? I don’t know, I haven’t been following comics in awhile.

  2. Well actually the rock hit night wing in his servical spine and so that’s an instant death so it actually does make sense…Damian hits dick in the temple giving him a moments shock but he trips falls and is killed by getting hit in the servical spine and damaging his nerves, but honestly they really could have done a better job with it:/

  3. By the context of that entire sequence, it’s as if the rules of the comic book universe were suspended for 5 seconds, and someone died through pure accident.

    Following that train of thought, Batman should have killed hundreds of men already simply through hits to the temple, pre-existing medical conditions, or as in that scene, causing others to fall and hit something hard in a vunerable area.

    1. That’s what makes the whole thing so funny. It completely breaks what little reality the comic had going for it.

      I guess it also makes Damian culpable of manslaughter, that kid just can’t catch a break! 😀

    1. Damian Wayne was my my favorite robin and now why did you have to go and make him do that DC. Why?!?!?!?!?! ; I

  4. My question is that im not a fan but if nightwing died, isnt robin nightwing a older robin, does that mean robin (Original) Is dead? Thatt would suck if so

  5. oppps…i had brace myself for the worse, but…still can’t hold a few chuckles that coming out with pity (sorry Dick…)
    ughh, Batman must have that innocent rock analyzed and tinkered as an evil mastermind created by Lex Luthor or something..😂

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