Re-Read Reviews – An Introduction


So this is something I have been toying around with for a long time now! After ditching my regular breakdowns of the week’s top comics I have been searching for a way to fill that gap in the site. The result is Re-Read Reviews!

The premise is simple I take a recent comic book storyline/arc, series, event, whatever and give it another read then review it. Simple and devilishly effective! So what I should end up with are a string of posts similar to my popular Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection and DC Comics Classics Reviews but with a focus on more up to date books and arcs.

I will try and keep a steady stream of them coming through but obviously I am waiting on arcs and storylines to wrap up before reviewing them in their entirety. So that means there could come a point were I temporally run out of things to review. If that happens I will delve into my backlog a bit to Re-Read something slightly less current but still decidedly modern.

Anyway I’m going to kick things off with Marvel’s Avengers Vs X-Men!


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