Token “Sorry for the lack of posts” post!

Superman-CryingI hate having to does these kind of posts but sometimes they just need to be done. Mainly so those of you who check this place on a semi-regular basis don’t give up on me and think the site is dead.

So this is me apologising for not really posting anything at anywhere near a regular basis. I’ve been super busy with stuff outside of the site and my other life as a game designer and sadly that has meant all the comics rambling has taken a back seat as of late. But hope is on the horizon as I am now looking at a clear patch for the next few weeks. A patch that I will use to try and get things back on track around here and get back into the habit of writing about comics regularly again.

My aim to begin with is to do 1-2 posts a week on top of the usual Awesomeness of the Week post. I am also taking requests for stuff to read/write about so please, please, please! Tell me about your favourite comics that you would like me to have a look at!



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