Awesomeness of the Week!

I will get back to doing normal posts eventually, I promise!


Marvel #1 – 700 Free Comics, All Available for FREE!


Yup Marvel have, in an apparent fit of madness, decided to let us all have over 700 free issues 1 comics from their vast digital catalogue for free! Pretty much every major series, plot-line and event is represented along with little known and non-superhero books. This includes every number one from the recent Marvel NOW! relaunch. So….many….free….comics…. all for free until late Tuesday. So get clicking and tapping!

Looking beyond the impulse “I must have them all!” urges that immediately swell inside you as soon as you find out about this offer it is a genius move by Marvel to get everyone to try out digital comics or expand their already existing digital libraries. The hope being that you will read a bunch of number ones, like them then go on to buy issues 2, 3, 4, etc. etc. It is all very tempting.

FAIR WARNING: The craziness of all this has caused the comic book geeks of the world to ram the comiXology and Marvel servers in their quest to get free comic books. The results being the servers keep going up and down periodically.

I usually use the iOS Marvel app on my iPad but for this mammoth sale I decided to use the browser version of the store so I could quickly and easily batch buy. Head here and get clicking if you want to use the web store. Once you have bought all the free comics you want on there you will be able to download them on your iPad from the My Comics or My Purchases tabs in the Marvel and ComiXology apps!

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 09.05.04My first pass ended up with me grabbing over 350 comics and I will be making another pass later on today to pick up anything I may have overlooked in a fit of manic clicking!


Awesomeness of the Week!

This week lots of people die!

New Iron Man 3 Trailer

So many suits of armour at the end!

Thoughts in due course!