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Sometimes I ask myself: What is the f**king point?

I’m not even going to bother with a proper spoiler warning because if you read this site then you’re a comic book fan and if you’re a comic book fan then you already know what the events of Batman Inc #8 are. This is because the comics industry doesn’t seem to care weather you read their comics or not.

Everything wrong with comicsThis excerpt from the USA Today piece about Batman Inc #8 is everything that is wrong about comic books for me at this point in time. Not reboots, retcons, or changing beloved character’s iconic designs, in fact I like that kind of stuff because it can lead to NEW things happening. But this, using news outlets both comic and non-comic related to report on the latest shocking twist before it happens is a growing and major problem. If you read the USA Today piece then you get all the key points of the story. I am still going to read it (it’s downloading on my iPad at this second) but a lot of that initial reading experience has been negated for me. Damian’s demise will no longer be a shock for me, it will just be a shrug moment and the sad thing is, I love Damian Wayne as a character! If I went in blind then I would have that shock value intact and the moment would have impact, see the recent death of Knight, of Knight and Squire fame, in an earlier issue of the same comic for reference.

Now I know what you are thinking, why not just avoid the news? What not just ignore it until you’ve read the comic? Well let me tell you the story of how the death of Robin was spoiled for me…

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Awesomeness of the Week!