It’s been a bit quite around these parts lately

Superfriends Wonder Woman Invisible Plane

And for that I apologise, I’ve been busy with other more my career as a game designer type stuff the past couple of weeks so the comic books stuff has fallen by the wayside a tad. Also as I keep saying this site is going through a bit of a transition as I get to grips with managing it and my other commitments. I’m trimming and squeezing things down to their base essence not just for my convenience but for your reading pleasure too.

So for now just bare with me a bit and enjoy the Awesomeness of the Week posts as and when they pop up. In a couple of weeks I will be bringing back the Picks of the Week posts in a slightly altered form. More short review snippets, less detailed analysis. It means I will be able to recommend more comics at a quicker pace while still giving some of my thoughts and opinons. But what about that detailed rambling you love so much? Well that is still going to be on here but in a more focused way. The plan is every now and then I will sit down and review a whole story-arc, series, single issue, etc. in my more detailed way. It may mean that reviews and such wont be as relevant as when the issues originally came out but it means I can sit down and really look at and think about the comic in question. Allowing me to look at the whole story rather than just a piece and all that.

I have also got a backlog of Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel and DC Classics Reviews piling up which I am planning to tackle once I get back from my latest round of travels. Which is the other reason for this post: I will be disappearing for a week or so to head to Seattle to visit 343 Industries, their the folks who make those Halo games now that Bungie are off doing their own thing again. I’m going to try and get one or two things queued up for while I am away but no promises!

Thanks for your patience and keep reading comic books!

– Callum


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