Covers of the Week

Superior Spider-Man #1
Superior Spider-Man #1

(Ryan Stegman) [Nessim Higson – Logo Design]

The start of a new era and that means a shiny new logo! The Superior logo is a bit different from what we are used to seeing for Spider-Man but it is certainly a very modern design that makes it stand apart from the older stylings of the Amazing logo. As for Stegman’s cover art itself we get a good demonstration of his skills and the book’s emphasis on being “dark and weird.” Spidey is always a good character for dramatic and moddy covers and this is one of the best moody ones I have seen in a long time.

The Phantom Stranger #4

The Phantom Stranger #4(Jae Lee & June Chung)

I’m a fan of Jae Lee’s more stylish realism. It oozes detail and stands out from pretty much every other artist out there. So while his Constantine may be a bit to youthful looking for my tastes this simplistic cover stands out from the crowd and looks really cool to boot!


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