Covers of the Week

Green Lantern: New Guardians #15

Green Lantern: New Guardians #15

(Aaron Kuder & Hi-Fi)

I am not usually a fan of artists who ape the style of others but in the case of Aaron Kuder’s Frank Quitely-esqué style I can let it slide because it looks so good! Lots of detail while still giving it an over the top, cartoony edge that I like in my comics art. Kuder’s design for Kyle is great too as it simplifies things like the usually very bulky mask (now smooth and less bulky) and also presenting him with a slim figure. Also I love Orange Lantern constructs and this cover has them in spades!

Scarlet Spider #12.1

Scarlet Spider #12.1

(Stegman & Delgado)

Yet another dramatic Scarlet Spider cover that shows of the darker nature of the character. Kaine cuts a menacing figure when necessary and while he is in a classic Spidey pose the feeling is different than the one you would get if it was Peter in his costume amongst all the webs. While a little less webbing would make the Scarlet Spider stand out a bit more it is still a nice looking cover.


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