Covers of the Week

Batman #15

Batman #15

(Greg Cupullo & Fco Plascencia)

This beautifully simple cover perfectly sums up the current state of play in Batman at the moment. The Joker keeps showing that he has gotten inside Bats head and under his skin like never before as his plan starts to come together. This is a classic Batman story in the making and the covers for it have been amazing throughout. The cover also shows that sometimes simple is better as Cupullo and Fco come together to make this thought provoking cover.

Scarlet Spider #12

Scarlet Spider #12

(Stegman & Gracia)

Marvel said that in the Marvel NOW! era they would be pushing cover artists to do more cinematic covers and in general mess around with the established cover format. So while that bright red Marvel NOW! banner is somewhat ruining the covers for all the relaunched books the one year old (and going strong!) Scarlet Spider comes out swinging with this brilliant filmic poster! While it gives things an air a seriousness that does not reflect the actual story being told in the book itself it is still a great cover to look at. We get Kaine in and out of costume and his slowly growing cast of support characters. It helps sell the concept of this being Spider-Man but not as you know it well. Go check it out!


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