Panels of the Week

It’s Christmaaaaaassssssss!!!

Move over Grinch there's a new grump in town

Oh! I guess Kaine doesn’t like Christmas!

– Scarlet Spider #12


Things get very introspective for Dr. Manhattan

– Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #3

He had a bad experience with an elf once that's why

Tony Stark isn’t a fan of fantasy

– Iron Man #4

Hey it's De Niro!

Rorschach meets a kindred spirit 

– Before Watchmen: Rorschach #3


3 thoughts on “Panels of the Week

  1. Do you want to know a strange thing? In Italy, the entire Before Watchmen line will be made to order. This means that, if italian retailers order, say, 100.000 copies of each issue, the italian publisher will print 100.000 copies, not a copy more or a copy less. This means that it’s all in retailers’ hands. Of course the italian Before Watchmen issues will instantly become collector’s items.
    And the most ironic thing is that this counts only for the Before Watchmen line: all the other DC and Vertigo series are printed in a fixed quantity. Obviously they believe that the Before Watchmen line won’t sell here in Italy, so they decided to lessen the risk by making it to order.
    Even in the U.S. weird editorial decisions have been taken about that line. The various miniseries won’t be collected each one in a different TP, but two by two: Minutemen with Silk Spectre, Comedian with Rorschach and so on. Here you can find a more detailed explication: I don’t like this decision, because, if you want to buy only one of them, you are forced to buy TWO of them, and this is unfair.
    I decided the only Before Watchmen series I’ll buy are Comedian, Minutemen and Rorschach.

    1. It has been reasonably successful but DC are banking on stronger Trade sales like the original Watchmen. As a series it hasn’t been a total disappointment there are some really good books in it.

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