And now for something completely different

The above video is a pitch presentation for a Superman game idea that I put together for my Honours Project as part of my last year of University. I thought I would share it on here to see what you all think and because even though it is something I have worked on I still find the idea of a Superman video game very appealing.

Here is a little background info for you too:

Outside of running this little comic books blog I have a degree in Computer Games Enterprise with a personal focus on Game Design and I am actively seeking work in the UK games industry. My ultimate goal is to become a lead designer on big AAA style games. (Something that is a long way off happening, believe me!) This Superman game design played an important part in my final year of university and went a long way towards me getting a First for my final degree grade. (If you are not British and have no idea what a First is, getting a First is a very good thing! It is pretty much the best final grade you can get. So go me!)

The project idea came about from my personal frustrations at the time to do with people talking about Superman never being able to be made into a good video game. Arkham City was just about to come out and people were naturally comparing Batman’s success in games to Superman’s historical failures and lack of interest going forward. You also had people like the lead designer of Arkham City saying you could never make a good Superman game so I decided to try and prove him wrong. Mainly because I know there can and will be a great Superman game someday because someone will crack the problems with character working in a video game space in an engaging way. This was my attempt to solve both the perceived and real problems with turning Superman into a good game.

The end results I think are good and it is one of my favourite designs I came up with while at university. So if you are interested please check out the full project info and files over on my Portfolio and tell me what you think! I am also interested to see how you would make Superman work as a video game.


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