New Man of Steel Trailer!

First impressions: It is looking very good!

It is covering a good chunk the more lofty Superman themes and tropes while putting its own, more serous spin on things at the same time. Also it looks like Zod is going to be in full on invasion mode meaning that we will get to see Superman hit lots of things, multiple times and in very cool ways which can only be a good thing!

Overall this is still very much in teaser mode so not much is revealed beyond the big story beats of: Clark growing up, him becoming Superman, Superman Vs the military and then Zod being an evil so and so. With lots of hints for all the action and drama that will hopefully be in the final film. We see a few fleeting glimpses of Krypton and Jor-El but overall this trailer has one purpose, to introduce us to this new Superman and in that respect I think it works. You see parts of his journey to get to being the hero we know and love then him being that hero to a certain extent.

The darker tone is still something I am concerned with but I am hoping that Superman’s character will overcome the darker colour palette and shine on through. Interestingly in this trailer we do not see much of the adult Clark Kent at all. It is mainly young Clark learning to be Supes Clark then, BAM! Superman. No hint at a pair of glasses in sight which is another slight worry. Despite that I still think Henry Cavill is a good choice for both sides of the Superman coin. He has the looks to pull of being Supes and what looks like the emotion to pull off being Clark Kent at multiple points in his life.

I am now rather excited!


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